Digitalising Inventory Management for Projects with Stores

We tag, track and manage Tool Inventory, in real time, reducing losses and preventing late off-hires, monitoring condition and saving costs.


3 Key benefits of using StoresMate are;


Preventing tool
losses and late
off-hires costs.


control of
tool inventory.


Tracking condition
of tools during
the hire period.

Scan Asset & Add to Intventory

Our quick and simple ‘Asset In’ process is easy to use on the mobile application.


Manage the entire inventory of tools, assets, stock and consumables. Each asset and user have their own profile and history enabling detailed reports to be created. This enhances control and accountability of every asset through the lifecycle of their use.


Tracking the use of the tools/assets, stock & consumables has never been easier. From ‘Asset in’, to ‘Sign Over’ to ‘Remove Asset’, the status of your inventory can be tracked at every transaction enhancing control and making the lives of the site team easier.


What our clients say.

Balfour Beatty Plant & Fleet Services

“StoresMate is a forward thinking approach to construction site stores management, going above and beyond many current systems that are in place in the industry. The product that they have created will automate the stores processes & provided added visibility of take outs and returns of assets, whilst aiding in the reduction of asset losses by promoting actively pursuing overdue asset returns.”

Rob Wands Head of Operations Deploy UK

“Deploy have been using StoresMate for several months and it has revolutionised the way on which we manage our PPE, tools and equipment. Not only is it an extremely efficient way of managing all our assets and consumables, it also saves us time and money while ensuring we are compliant with the requirements of the Sentinel scheme along with Network Rail and London Underground requirements. As the Project Control Tools team are continually improving the platform we are immediately seeing the benefits. As a tool designed with the Rail industry in mind it takes full advantage of existing technology such as Sentinel cards and handheld technology while remaining agile enough to be used in any setting outside of the rail industry.”

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