Challenges of implementing software into your business

Implementing software into your business and projects can have its challenges.

We are looking at the challenges presented from different areas of a business and how they can be managed successfully by implementing software.

Ensuring return on investment

The solution will be an investment in money and in time. The challenge is to ensure that the solution provides a return on investment which is commercially viable. It needs to provide efficiencies in the short, medium and long term which outweigh the cost of implementation and licenses.


Trial period

Gives you an opportunity to use the solution in a live environment to see how it aligns with your business.

Definitive costs

Ensure all costs and associated costs are defined and accounted for.

ROI calculation

Calculate the cost of the solution vs the savings generated.


Implementing change within a business and projects can be a real challenge. Changing existing practices and proposing new ways of doing things can meet resistance.

Implementing software can be equally challenging. With team members having varying levels of exposure to technology and its use. It is key that all areas are covered by the solution provider.



From the trial through to implementation, it is important that the change is communicated effectively. This can be through briefings, correspondence and content on the solution.


Training should cater for a wide audience and varying learning styles. Following training it is important that continuous support is provided.

Time to implement

The time to implement software within your business and projects requires a time and cost investment upfront. It is critical that the solution provider understands your business requirements and can adapt to your needs to provide the correct level of support.

Time to implement


Differing shift patterns, transient workforce means that flexibility during implementation is crucial. A robust implementation plan will cater for all the workforce and provide flexibility due to the nature of the industry.


Continuous support should be available following implementation. Online training content, technical support and ongoing communication are key to a successful and long lasting relationship with the solution provider.

Team members

Each Team member will have different user experiences with the solution. It is important that training and support can be easily adapted for the different needs and requirements of the team.

Integrate with current systems

By the solution integrating with widely used systems and practices, it will help to ensure buy in from the team who can start to realise the benefits of the solution instantly.

How is implementing StoresMate different?

With an industry background we have experienced firsthand the challenges and have a tailored approach to implementation depending on the companies requirements and characteristics.

We will look at the challenges we outlined earlier and how implementing StoresMate will overcome them.


Access to real time inventory data

StoresMate gives you access to real time data on various key deliverables such as low tool utilisation and service dates due.

This can prove to be invaluable as a click of a button on StoresMate can save you the cost of a shift if an item of equipment is out of calibration!

Measurable return on investment

Before implementing StoresMate you have a really good idea of the loss/damage/late off hire costs you were experiencing on a monthly and yearly basis.

Once StoresMate is implemented you can easily track the savings made each month when compared with previous months and years. Plus you get access to all that data on your assets.


Staged implementation

Our staged implementation plans for StoresMate can be tailored to suit different business sizes and requirements.

With StoresMate you can start with key assets and grow your inventory with the increased use of the system with your teams.

Full on site and remote support 24/7

We have full support based in the UK to pick up any issues which are raised.

Our account management team book in regular feedback sessions and site visits to ensure we provide a great service to our clients.

Time to implement

Add your assets before you start

Prior to implementation your SiteMate account will be set up along with all required users.

We will even digitise your most used forms so that you can use SiteMate straight ‘out of the box’ following an implementation session.

User focused

Coming from the rail and construction industry, our key goal when developing StoresMate was making it easy to use for our clients.

You can easily get up to speed with the app and begin managing your tools and equipment efficiently in a matter of hours!

PCT are a team of rail & construction professionals and software developers who have developed simple, easy to use solutions for projects and businesses alike.

Having managed large infrastructure projects across the UK and experienced the issues first-hand, the solutions they have created make the lives of the project team easier and allows them to focus on delivering the programme of works rather than on trailing through and completing onerous paperwork.

PCT objective is to empower the user by having a digital tool at their fingertips which helps save time, increase efficiencies, and deliver the project at cost.

For more information on how our products and services can benefit you, contact us today.

Challenges of implementing software

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