How it Works

Storesmate manages Tool Inventory in real time, reducing losses and preventing late off-hire.


StoresMate gives greater control of Tool Inventory and reduces paperwork. Tools can be tracked from on-hire to off-hire. StoresMate gives management teams confidence in accountability for tools used on site.

Asset In

Assets entered on the
Inventory using the mobile
application for ease of use.
This gives the ability to enter
assets at anytime, anywhere.

Sign Out

Assets can be scanned out
to authorised users, with
instantaneous update on the
Inventory to show allocation.

Sign Over

Assets can be signed over
to authorised users which
is tracked in the Inventory.
Giving management teams
confidence in accountability
of their assets.


Sign In

Assets are returned to
stores by authorised users.
The condition of the asset
can be updated. The
Inventory is instantaneously
updated when the asset
is returned.

Asset Out

Tools on-hire can be signed
back to the hire company
with a signature of acceptance
for the current condition of
the asset. No more disputes
with hire companies.


Users are notified of
asset transfers and
other useful information.

View Inventory

View tool users, asset
conditions, calibration,
PAT testing dates and off-
hire dates all in real time.


The Dashboard gives management and authorised users key information on the status of the Inventory. This includes overdue off-hires, pending off-hires and tools in poor condition.

System Configuration

StoresMate can tailor due
dates to your needs with
our system configuration
setting on desktop
supporting program.

Asset Tags.

We have different tags depending on the asset, they are durable and versatile. Our quick and simple ‘Asset In’ process is easy to use on the mobile application.

Scan Asset
and Add to Inventory.

Our quick and simple ‘Asset In’ process is easy to use on the mobile application.

Desktop Program.

The web-based desktop program has a traffic light system. Easy to identify when pending off-hires, calibrations and PAT testing are due. Do not get caught out with compliance issues.


The Dashboard gives the management team status of the entire Inventory.


Overdue off-hire

Tools that are past
their off-hire date
and require off-hire


Poor tools in store

Tools which
require repairs,
in the stores.


Pending off-hire

On-hired tools
approaching their
off-hire date.


Low tool utilisation

Tools on-hire which
have not been used.
Save money and
off-hire early.


Poor tools on-site

Tools in poor condition
which are signed out
to a user.


Return overdue to stores

Tools that have been
signed out for a long
time. It is time to
get them back.


Calibration due

Calibration date which
is about to expire.


PAT testing due

PAT testing due date
which is about to expire.

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We tag, track and manage tool inventory in real time, reducing losses and preventing late off-hires.

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